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Have a “grab book” on hand that contains copies of all your important documents i.e.: birth certificates, car titles, passports, insurance information, important account numbers. You will always be able to locate these items quickly or can “grab & go” in an emergency.

Cannon Clutter Control is very focused, hardworking and professional. They can be trusted with aspects of someone’s belongings that are confidential and extremely personal.”
K.S.  Arlington, VA

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Holly Tunstall



Holly C. S. Tunstall
Founder and President
Cannon Clutter Control, LLC

Success Comes in CANs not CAN’Ts

Cannon Clutter Control founder and president Holly C. S. Tunstall has been in the business of “keeping people on track” for over 25 years. After a successful career in project management, customer service and account trouble-shooting, Holly merged her keen eye for detail, her inexhaustible energy, and the deep desire to help others. The result was Cannon Clutter Control, a professional organizing business.“We run our company based on the understanding that making the decision to reclaim your environment, and therefore your life, is a big step” stated Ms. Tunstall. “Rest assured you are in safe and knowing hands. We are caring professionals who know how to get you organized and back on track.” Cannon Clutter Control recognizes that each project is unique and we apply discretion, confidentiality and respect to every job.

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